Why Enter?

Fleets, manufacturers and suppliers are set to do battle once again for the keenly-contested Fleet News Awards.

It takes real effort to win these awards: they represent the pinnacle of fleet success and honour excellence, innovation and quality.

The judges are drawn from experts across the fleet sector, including fleets themselves, and they give up hours of their time to scrutinise the entries and take part in the judging days.

The process is tightly monitored by awards' chair Christopher Macgowan and all judging will be audited, to ensure only the most worthy companies win each category.

So what does it mean to win? Winning a Fleet News Award means something – to the company and its staff.

Yes, it takes time to pull together the information and, for the fleet categories, to prepare for the 30-minute interview in front of the panel of judges.

But it’s worth it.

But don’t take our word for it; every year winners tell us how much it means to them to collect a Fleet News Awards trophy:.

"Picking up the award was one of the proudest moments last year for me and Alphabet. It meant a lot to the people here" Nick Brownrigg, chief executive officer of Alphabet (GB)

"It was fantastic to win - it means a lot to Royal Mail and the people who work for us" Paul Gatti, director at Royal Mail Fleet

More proud winners will collect their trophies at the glittering and well-attended awards ceremony on March 20, 2019, at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.